One of our Core Values is…    “We Listen To Innovate”


Who Do We Listen To?


We Listen to Our Clients

Our clients face enormous concerns to work with their existing resources while meeting everyday environmental concerns. Our clients bring forth their biggest challenges, from how to reduce their TN to reducing the cost of handling sludge and bio-solids.   Every client concern becomes an opportunity for BioLynceus® to do what we do best, discover new ways of using our programs to solve client issues.   Our team works on behalf of our clientele to discover better ways to manage and treat water and wastewater.

We Listen to Our Team Members

Our team members are on the front-lines working hand in hand with clients.  Through their efforts, we learn first hand where the client pain points are and what kinds of challenges they are facing within their organizations.   Our team members are the face of the client when it comes to helping to understand the needs of clients.   When a BioLynceus® team member brings a client question to us, we work with the team and the client to find the best solution or create a new solution to address the client’s concerns.  Our team members provide the highest level of support and concern for solving client challenges using natural technologies designed and prescribed by BioLynceus for client solutions.

We Listen to Our Environmental Quality Professionals

The environmental quality professionals that help guide and lead the discussions on solving water and wastewater concerns are a primary focus for how we listen to innovate.  When new rules around TMDL, TN or Phos were considered, we listen.  As a company committed to finding natural solutions for contaminants, we listened.  In our listening we discovered the programs and solutions to help address the concerns on the environment.  With the environmental quality professionals, we listen to innovate and bring forth programs and natural solutions that can help address the nutrient loading and help alleviate the natural unloading of these emerging trends in permits and water quality concerns.

We Listen to Innovate

Our core is and has been for the past 20+ years to find natural solutions for solving environmental concerns.  Over the lifetime of our client solution focus we solve a variety of concerns for clients.   A few of these include:

Solids Reduction – helping to decrease the wasting of solids to help reduce the cost of handling solids.

Water Clarity – helping to mitigate the underlying reasons for turbidity.

Collection System Challenges – solving odor, FOG and H2S to improve flow and related corrosion concerns.

Mechanical Treatment – providing high quality programs to increase treatment efficiency.

Industrial Treatment – providing solutions to help improve wasting and discharge.

Nutrient Reduction – programs that help increase F:M, improve nutrient recycling and BNR.

Lagoon Management – programs to help reduce solids and improve the biological removal of nutrients.

…. these are just a few of the many programs utilized by BioLynceus® client’s to solve water and wastewater challenges!